Thursday, March 17, 2016

February Stitch Tease

February was another improv month for the Stitch Tease Bee. Dianne wanted Midcentury Modern blocks. Luckily, she provided an excellent Pinterest board for inspiration and great suggestions for fabric selection.

I procrastinated again with these blocks, because I was intimidated by the task set forth. Today I finally got to work and made my two blocks. I am pleased with how they turned out in the end. 

Mid Century Modern Quilt Block

Midcentury Modern Quilt Block

I hope Dianne likes them, and they go well with the rest of her blocks!

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

January Stitch Tease

I finished my January Stitch Tease Bee Blocks for Susan just in the knick of time (as usual these days).

Not Squared Block

Improv Quilt Block

Susan, like the rest of us, adored Di's "Not Squared" quilt, and she wanted one of her own. We were charged with making these improv blocks in jewel tones. I admit to being intimidated when anyone says "improv". Even though I usually like the result, I get a little nervous in the beginning. These blocks are pretty easy, though, so it wasn't so bad. The trick is working in the "wonky". In theory it should be easy, but sometimes if you're not wonky enough, it just looks like you messed up what was supposed to be a straight seam. Yikes!

Friday, January 29, 2016

November Stitch Tease

I'm a little behind on posting about my Stitch Tease Bee Blocks, but I definitely didn't want to miss showing these ones. Hadley chose Anna Maria Horner feathers for her bee blocks, and they are so gorgeous!

Anna Maria Horner AMH Feathers

These blocks weren't the easiest I've ever made, and some of my bee mates mentioned having trouble getting the correct size in the end. I was very careful to print the templates at 100% and cut out each piece with caution! I chose to paper piece the feather portion, and that made things very manageable. The blocks ended up coming out to the correct size, but I admit to taking it very slowly with these ones. The pieces (templates) are not normal rectangles, so lining up the edges takes a little patience. 

Overall, though, these blocks are definitely worth the effort. They're so beautiful. I can't wait to see Hadley's finished quilt.