Friday, April 26, 2013

A Bag Fit for The Queen

So I get a phone call a couple days ago from my favorite aunt. She has a special request. But first things first: a little family history.  Favorite aunt is the undisputed matriarch of our clan.  She's the best cook, has the meanest "Quit being a shithead" glare, and will give it to you straight no matter what. She is affectionately and rightly so referred to as "The Queen," and she reigns supremely.

Well Queenie was recently ordered by her Doc to regularly take her blood pressure.  So she goes out and buys a handy dandy electronic cuff.  Queenie also travels quite a bit to spend time with family.  She decides she's going to need a handy dandy little bag in which to transport the new cuff.  Who better to fashion such a bag?  Why Princess Trina of course!

This evening, after I finish the required day's work, I kick it into high gear to produce a bag fit for The Queen. As luck would have it, my Mom and Grammom are on Skype while they putter around my Mom's kitchen: 1400 miles away.  We get a conference call going, and they help me pick out fabric for the bag and offer suggestions along the way.  It was great fun having their input, chatting, and catching up.

I pulled out all the stops for Queenie.  Only my best fabric from the beloved high-end section of my stash would be suitable for the Queen's bag.  I just got in some new zippers, so I hauled those out, too. A simple pouch would just not due.  This bag is fully lined and finished superbly.  I even added an extra zippered pocket onto the exterior in which she can keep her little blood pressure record notebook. 

The Queen's new bag will be shipped off to the north-woods of Maine tomorrow morning.  But first I took some pictures to share with you all.

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