Saturday, April 20, 2013

DIY $5 Furniture Fab-u-less

My friend, Becky, is the  

Mr. Sexy Pants and I moved into a much larger place this winter. Now I get to have a rad "shop" in the basement with tons of space. However, when one moves into a new place with a lot of new space, one can't always afford to outfit said new space in fancy pretty new stuff. So what does one do? Go to Wally World and buy some plastic shelving units and bins to make due! They work great! But they ain't that pretty.  :(

Enter: awesome friend, Becky.

$5 Dresser - Before
I've been saying since we moved that I can't wait until Yard Sale Season. I can start looking for some cool old dressers to paint up and use in my shop to cheer things up a bit.  It's dreary down there with the concrete walls and no windows.  Today Becky texted me and said she found a dresser at a yard sale for 5 BUCKS!!  YEOW!  So Sexy Pants and I go pick it up this afternoon, and I sucker him into stopping at Home Depot on the way home.  *bats lashes*

Half a fortune later...we return home loaded down with all the fun stuff to re-do the dresser...and 10 more for that matter.

I dig out the ol' Navy Standard Issue Coveralls that practically stand up on their own...and go to town.  I knew they would come in handy again one day! The one and only uniform I kept. :)  And of course - I don all the necessary PPE like a squared away sailor does...HA!

Playing with Power Tools
I don't have much experience with power tools.  You can imagine my delight when I plugged in the electric sander.  I whizzed over that dresser like a bonafide Ty Pennington Wanna-be.  Sexy Pants had to stop me at 8 p.m. so I didn't T-off the neighbors.  

So Day 1 of my first DIY Furniture Upscale project was a success.  I'm almost done with the sanding (only 2 drawers left when SP hauled me back inside - meanie).  

Stay tuned for progress updates.  :)

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