Wednesday, April 3, 2013

I Love Knitting Bucket Bag

I made this Bucket Bag for my knitter friend, Linda, a few weeks ago.  I took the FREE Craftsy Class on Bag-Making Basics.  It was really fun, and taught me a few techniques that I had previously tried to figure out on my own a few times and failed at miserably!  The tutorial with Kristen Link explained the process wonderfully, and made the project very quick and easy.  You can view my project write up on my Craftsy Page

I fished out some scraps from my stash and managed to find a few coordinating pieces that were big enough.  I was worried that the lining would look terrible, because it doesn't match at all.  I tried it anyway, and was actually pleased with the outcome.  It adds a little bit of vintage to the bag.  The lining fabric is also very silky.  I think a ball of yarn will roll around easily in there while trying to pull out the strand during a project.  There are also channels and pockets sewn into the exterior bottom piece to make places for knitting needles and patterns.  It's a great little bag!  I'll likely make more in the future...maybe for me?  I love to knit as well!  I seem to give away most of the fun stuff I make, though. :)  I so enjoy making gifts for the people who are special to me.  I love to see their faces when they receive them.  Usually they're like..."Er...Gee...another homemade gift...Thanks Neene."    heh heh

The fusible fleece was a bit of a challenge to work with for my first time.  It's very thick, so it's important to get the cutting done properly to avoid sewing extra bulk into the seams.  Also, it didn't fuse very well for me.  Next time I'll iron longer. 

I think the embroidery pattern I used is from, but I may be wrong about that.  I've had it for a while.  I've been wanting to use it on something.  When I saw this bucket bag I knew it was perfect. 

Overall I was happy with the result, and my friend actually loved it...or pretended very convincingly.  :) 

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