Thursday, May 9, 2013

An Abundance of Appliqué

Stitcher's Garden Block #3
Today was productive in an abnormal way.  I actually finished my Stitcher's Garden BOM early (after hitting my Cap Quota for the day).  For the past 2 months I've been scrambling to get my block done the night before class.  But alas!  This month I am way ahead of schedule.  I'm trying out a new system of organization for my non-work-related projects.  Clearly it's working out well.  Although, I'm not gonna lie to you; the "new system" is just a somewhat organized pile of half finished crap that sits screaming at me from a corner of the shop.  "Get it together, Peterson!"

Ya stitch at a time.

I love this block!!  It is by far my favorite.  I love doing appliqué, too.  It's sort of inspiring to see that you can take any shape you want, stick it on top of another piece of fabric, and stitch it down.  No fooling with tricky seams.  Just outline that sucker in a cool decorative stitch, and you're golden.  I am seeing a lot of appliqué in my future.  I don't know what it is about Fusible Web, but that stuff just makes me feel good.

You don't have to tell me that the colors in these blocks are a little crazy and don't even come CLOSE to going together.  However, I have this fascination with scraps.  I hate to waste anything, so I'm just pulling random pieces out of my scrap bin and sticking them onto that white on white damask background.  The background is the only thing I've bought for the quilt so far.  My plan is to not buy anything else except the batting and backing (not counting accessories - which will be discussed below).  If I'm feeling really adventurous, I might piece my backing as well.  I recently acquired this rockin Circle Attachment, and I'm thinking... *holds hands up for the feature presentation* Appliqué...Circles.  BAM!  We'll see how it all plays out.

I am really growing to love this little quilt shop near my new pad.  The ladies are incredibly helpful and knowledgable.  The classes are great fun.  If you're from the area, check out Quintessential Quilts.  They have a small-ish shop here in Madison.  Their big store is in Reedsburg, although I have yet to make it up there.  It's on my short-list for the summer.

See over here on the left?  Perfect curves!  All thanks to my new handy-dandy Circle Attachment.  I think I'm actually about to drown in Viking Feet and attachments.  They've got a Foot for everything.  I wonder what people did before there were such phenomena as Circle Attachments and Rolled Hem Feet?  I bet they could sew circles (freehand) around us Spoiled Newbs with all of our high-tech gear.  Jeez.  And I bet they walked uphill both ways in a blizzard to get to the quilt shop.  heh.

Stitcher's Garden Block #1
Since I have yet to post about this wonderful Stitcher's Garden BOM, I'll share what I know about it (which isn't a lot).  It seems that the quilt was designed with the beginner quilter in mind.  Each block is meant to teach a new technique.  Consequently, one may end up buying a lot of extra bells and whistles (like Circle Attachments) for one's machine that are not NECESSARILY essential.  However, it is amazing to see what pretty music these bells & whistles produce.  I've passed on a couple bells so far and achieved the same result.  Some things just can't be resisted, though: particularly when I see plenty of ways to utilize them in my stitching future.

Did I mention how much I hate Snowballs?  Yeah...mine did NOT turn out so well.  I think I ripped one apart at first.  Then after the 2nd, 3rd, etc. didn't turn out right, I just said, "Screw it."  My Mama always said *with a Maine accent*, "Ain't nothin homemade s'posed to be perfect."  Well maybe she didn't say it quite like that.  That's how I hear it in my head, though - with a "wicked" thrown in there somewhere. :)  Ayuh.

Stitcher's Garden Block #2 just ignore the un-evenness that is the snowballs.  *Does the Jedi mind trick*  "You want to look away from the snowballs." 

The one and only potential problem with this Stitcher's Garden wonderment is that it's 15 months long.  Yeowza!  I can hardly keep my attention focused from one hour to the next.  Fifteen months may prove to be my greatest project challenge to date.

The prospect of utilizing more scraps may well be what keeps me in the game.  Otherwise I'll end up with an abundance of flowery pillows.  

I'm imaging Mr. Sexy Pants' excitement about the pillows.

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  1. You're hilarious! And I'm loving th appliqué work. What is the Circle Attachment? Maybe I have it already and don't know it?