Friday, July 19, 2013

Fabric Worthy

Does anyone else have this problem?

Whenever I get some really awesome fabric, especially in matching bundles, it tends to sit in my drawers designated for awesome fabric.  It sits and sits and sits, because I can never think of anything to do that seems "awesome fabric worthy".  Consequently, I make loads of crap with the novelty scraps left over from scrub caps.  The scraps are fun and wild.  Sometimes they are a little too wild, and the end product...could be better.  

A couple days ago I finally got up the courage to bust out this amazing little Moda mini charm pack that came in my swag bag at Sew South.  The sketch book that I carry everywhere demanded a cover.

It's certainly not perfect (which I think is part of the fear of using the awesome fabric), but makes me happy.  Since it's something I use almost daily, I deemed it worthy.  The front and back is patched with all of the pretty charms.  Not one went to waste (thanks to the pencil loop that used up the only remaining two charms).  Clearly my affinity for big fat writing utensils means my psyche is stuck somewhere near kindergarten.  That enormous pencil also goes with me everywhere.

The inside also features a couple special fabric pieces that accommodate the essential ruler and other tid bits.  Did you know there are such things as ERASABLE COLORED PENCILS???  They are like magic.  They ACTUALLY erase...for real.  I only discovered them a couple weeks ago (I've hunted for years), so I'm still getting over the shock.  Crayola makes them of course, and they are only twice as expensive as the regular ones.  ;)  Maybe they have always been around, and I'm just the last person on Earth to notice them. 

ANYWAY, I struggle with applying the binding.  Attaching it all in one step successfully is my unicorn.  I think I'll stick to the traditional hand-stitching method for future awesome-fabric-worthy projects.

Overall it was incredibly liberating to turn that little charm pack into something special.  I hope it sets the ball rolling.

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