Friday, August 23, 2013

Cosmetic Case

I finally took some time to stitch up a cool Cosmetic Case designed by a cool gal I met at Sew South, Lindsay Rhodes from  The pattern is very well written, easy to understand, and it has lots of good pictures.  You also get to try out some cool stuff like Pellon's Vinyl Fuse and a poly-resin Snap.  I get excited when I get to use fun stuff in addition to just fabric and thread.  :)

The Vinyl Fuse is awesome!  You fuse it onto regular fabric and Voila!  It's water/stain/messy resistant!  It's a perfect idea for something like a cosmetic case.  All that eye shadow dust and lip stick smudge will wipe right off!  I'm imagining it on the inside of a cute lunch bag as well.  Then you wouldn't be stuck with whatever ugly waterproof fabrics you can find.  You could use anything!  Too bad I don't require a lunch bag to take to work since I work at home.  Bugger!  I might make one transport my Oreos downstairs to the Shop.  

You can find Lindsay's pattern in a neat little PDF for FREE by clicking here.

FYI: I had a hard time finding the Vinyl Fuse when I looked for it the first couple times.  I assumed it would be on the Pellon Interfacing rack at JoAnn.  It was not.  :(   When I asked a girl for help, she pointed me to the wrong stuff - which will definitely not work.  You can actually find the Vinyl Fuse pre-packaged in the notions aisle.  It comes in a long, skinny, orange box in 2 yd cuts.  I used the Matte finish, which I liked a lot.  I have yet to find it sold by the yard, although the Pellon website says it is.  Somewhere.  Out there.

I used a Babyville Boutique poly-resin snap and Snap Pliers.  These can be found at JoAnn and many other places, I imagine.  I bought my zippers (a while ago) by-the-yard from  She has an awesome selection of zippers and pulls for even more awesome prices.  I love the Pop Top pulls.  I think they look cool and unique.  If you have never put pulls onto zipper tape by yourself before, she has a couple great videos that show you how.  It is SO EASY!  If you use zippers very often, you'll save a ton by buying them by-the-yard and have so much less waste.

Anyway, I definitely recommend this pattern.  I'll be making more cases for sure.  Try it out, and send any questions along if you run into problems.  I'll help if I can. :)

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  1. I love it all, I love the outside fabric and the lining and the piping, its all awesome! Nicely done :)