Thursday, February 6, 2014

Halloween Hanger Paper Piecing Pattern

I'm pretty excited about getting my Project Quilting Challenge #3 done early this week! The theme for this challenge is candy. I suppose the logical thing to do given the time of year would have been to make something Valentine-related. I'm not much of a Hallmark Holiday kind of gal, however, so my thoughts on candy geared me to Halloween! I love Halloween. Although I haven't been to any costume parties in the last couple years, it's still my favorite holiday. Maybe I should convince Sexy Pants to throw a party this year. :)

I woke up with a Halloween-inspired idea yesterday morning and immediately set to work with my graph paper, trusty MacBook, and a pot of coffee. A little while later I had three new paper piecing patterns, so I headed down to the shop to stitch them up. I thought these would make a cute hanger for the door during Halloween season, so I just put them together into a column, added a border, and proceeded to finish a mini quilt hanger. I was so excited about the result that I decided to write the pattern. This project is so fast and fun! You can get the pattern (which includes the paper-piecing templates and quilt assembly instructions) on my Craftsy Pattern Page or in my Etsy shop by clicking either of those links. The pattern does not include instructions on how to paper piece; you must already know how to do that or refer to a tutorial.

All in a day - from idea to reality.

Happy Halloween!!….in 8 months. :)

There's no time like the present to prepare!

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