Saturday, November 7, 2015

Baby Shower Gifts

I wanted to share a couple of quick baby shower gifts that I was able to stitch up the evening before they had to be shipped off! It seems I'm running late for everything these days, what with chasing around my own tiny human.

The first is a little crinkle/ribbon toy.

Crinkle Ribbon Baby Toy

All this takes is a couple squares of fabric (I made mine 8"), some small pieces of ribbon (I cut mine 5" long), and a cereal bag. It literally only took me about 10 minutes to make this toy. A friend made one for my baby shower, and my son loves it, so I thought it would be something great to do for my cousin who is about to have her first baby (girl). There is a nice tutorial for this project by Cucicucicoo. 

I also made a couple quick bibs with Heather Bailey's Slobber Monkey bib pattern. These are super quick to make, and I used a piece of scrap (cotton) batting in the middle of mine so they would be more absorbent.

Slobber Monkey Bibs

A couple easy handmade gifts to toss in with some other baby essentials: it's nice to be able to add something personal and handmade.

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