Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Scrap Swap

Here's a cool idea for your sewing group:

Recently our guild (MadModQuiltGuild) did a scrap swap. We each brought in a gallon ziploc bag of scraps, and swapped with a random partner. Then we had 2 months to make a project to give back to the scrap owner. 

Most of us have a ton of scraps laying around that we never seem to put a dent in, am I right? This was a fun way to use some of those up and get a surprise at the same time!

The scraps I got from my partner included all kinds of colors. I decided to pick out all the low volume, black, and one particular blue striped fabric to make a scrappy rope bowl. 

Scrappy Rope Bowl

Scrappy Rope Bowl

I wanted to make a little something else to go with it (and use up some more scraps), so I made a zip pouch and added some Modern Stitching Affair hexie templates and candy. 

Zip Pouch

I used up about half of my partner's scraps. I hope she likes what I made!

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