Sunday, February 11, 2018

Project Quilting 9.3: Amethyst Project Bag

Project Quilting Challenge Three this season is "Bold & Brave". I knew exactly which project I wanted to tackle this week for the challenge: the Amethyst Project Bag by Sara Lawson (Sew Sweetness). 

Amethyst Project Bag

I sew my fair share of bags, but this gorgeous pattern has something that brings on the doubts and worries: a curved zipper. A few years ago, I tried another pattern by another designer that required the zipper to be installed around curved corners. I was NOT successful. Since then, I've avoided anything with similar requirements.

Amethyst Project Bag

Sara Lawson makes awesome videos to go with many of her patterns, and watching them makes me feel empowered to stitch pretty much anything. She shows how even these difficult techniques are completely doable, and great bags with fancy attributes are absolutely achievable.

I replied to a comment on Facebook last night saying how Sara's videos make me feel calm and zen about sewing and also excited at the same time. Although that sounds dichotomous, somehow it's true, and it feels really great. I recommend any of her pattern & video pairs/bundles if you want to tackle a nice bag. I suggest making her projects with exactly the supplies she recommends, at least for the first go-round. She knows what she's talking about, and the types of interfacings and other components she uses all add up to make very polished, professional bags.

Zipper Pull Charms

Sometimes my instinct is to use whatever I've got in my sewing room and stash that I think "will work OK" when stitching up a new pattern. You all know what I'm talking about, am I right? I've learned to RESIST THAT URGE with Sara's bags, because they're usually a slight disappointment when I use fleece instead of foam or the wrong kind of elastic, etc. When I'm able to invest the kind of time it takes to make a nice bag, I want it to come out great. Sara's patterns are all GREAT when you do and use what she says.

Amethyst Project Bag
If you spot some flaws in the pics of my bag, don't hold it against Sara's pattern. This was my first attempt, and it's not perfect. It turned out pretty OK, though, and I'll certainly be making more.

Find Sara's Amethyst Project Bag here, and check out her other patterns as well. I just picked up the Minikins bundle last week, and I'm SO EXCITED to start making those! I even joined a Minikins swap. Unfortunately, the swap sign-ups just closed, but these bag patterns would be awesome for a lot of other swaps as well (I'm thinking of the Modern Stitching Affair swap here, hint hint). They would also make awesome gifts; there's a bag for everyone in that bundle.

Before I go, check out these new snips I won from Project Quilting Challenge 9.1 a few weeks ago! They were generously sponsored by Warm Crochet, and they are awesome: beautiful and really sharp! I'm loving them. Thanks Warm Crochet! Thanks, Kim, for being an amazing host and organizer!

Warm Crochet Scissors


  1. It is a beautiful bag! Thanks for introducing me to Sara's patterns--I may just have to make one after seeing yours. I also like your beautiful photographs too--so bright and cheerful!!

  2. I love this bag! I actually picked up the pattern when she was in town last week. I wanted to make it for Capri's birthday but it's coming up a bit too fast ... perhaps Christmas ...